Orthopedic specialist Dr. Zsuzsa Lengyel answers our questions:

Spring is here again, bringing renewal and blossoming. In our current topic, the question lies more on the feet: what are the most important aspects when choosing the right footwear?

L ZS: First of all, seasonality is important, but even more so is always wearing shoes suitable for the time of day and activity.

What makes shoes, sandals or slippers pleasant to wear and why?

L ZS: It is very important that the material is natural and the design is comfortable, convenient and breathable.

What are the criteria for healthy footwear?

L ZS: Choose soft shoes for wearing for 8-10 hours a day. The sole should be flexible, with a durable crust at the back. The height of the heel should not be higher than 3-5 cm. This heel height is still feminine, but does not burden the front of the foot. Shoes with heels higher than this should not be worn all day, for no more than 3 hours, as all-day stress on the feet can cause health problems: calluses, back pain, numbness, joint pain.

Eternal dilemma. Fashionable or healthy?

L ZS: It is not necessary for us to choose, as there are brands that combine healthy wear, comfort and elegance. Josef Seibel, Romika and Gerry Weber shoes know everything good shoes need to know. That’s why I wholeheartedly recommend it to people of all ages, also from a professional point of view.