Josef Seibel Group

Josef Seibel is one of the oldest German shoemaker company in Europe, founded in 1886. Shoes are made of high quality leather preparing for everyday wearing. You can find your stylish, comfortable lady,s and man shoes for every activity (every day wearing for outdoor and indoor). You can find the collection in the best shoestore’s in Hungary. You can find the store finder at the website.

Josef Seibel

Josef Seibel footwear is created using a combination of high quality materials and hand-crafted elements. Uppers are normal, K and H wide. K wide is made for high foot (for men), H wide means a wider shoe in total. The shoes are equipped with comfort insoles, shock absorbing, arch lifting and toe gripper. If you have own insole, you can take out the original one. The sole is light, gripped, non-slip. Shoes with TOPDRYTEX is waterproof. You can find trekking shoes with longlife sole and waterproof membrane in the collection.

Unique design

Big part of the lady,s shoes size range is from 35-44 but every lady,s modell is available from 36-42 sizes. Certain man shoes made from 39-50 sizes and every man shoes made from 40-47 sizes.

Handcrafted shoes are enviromentally conscious, leather free from chrome, glue is not used, the sole does not pollute the enviroment.

Westland by Josef Seibel

The youngest brand in Josef Seibel group is Westland. Light weight and extra comfortable insole can be replaced by yours. Winter modells are made of windproof and waterproof materials. Shoes are comfortable, warm and non-slip. Sizes are available from 35-44.

Vegan shoes

Westland shoes are made of amaretta. This is a special material voven from microfibres. Features are the same as the leather features, breathable. More sterching like leather, you can clean with water. Shoes made of this material free from animal materials. Soles of the shoes are light, comfort elements are built in the sole. The vegan shoes do not pollute the enviroment.