Again and again webshops appear, where you should NOT order your new JOSEF SEIBEL shoes, because no shoes are shipped here despite tempting offers:

Have you also found a dubious shop on the net? We are grateful for your mail!

    JOSEF SEIBEL immediately reports fake shops to the consumer protection center, as well as to Google itself and prepares legal action.

    Inform yourself on the net by googling the shop or send us an email via the form. We will take care of it and get back to you. Trustworthy shops always have an imprint.

    In any case, you should report the shop to the Consumer Protection Center and Google and file a complaint. Immediately claim back the paid purchase amount via the payment provider (PayPal, credit card, your bank). In order not to lose time, it is best to contact the payment provider directly, they usually know best what to do in cases of fraud.

    Always check if there is a trustworthy imprint on the site and then inform yourself about the shop before you place your order. If you are not sure please contact us.