Whoever designs Josef Seibel shoes knows the anatomy of the foot. He knows the damaging factors to which the foot is exposed throughout his life.

People living in the city walk on concrete, which is not good for the feet. There is nothing that can soften the inelastic impact of concrete and replace the side-bottom support of sand. Josef Seibel shoes have a solution for everything. Thick,
the sole is springy and flexible, the heel is a little higher so that the already sensitive heel bone is not overburdened. Inside, a soft, well-formed corner bed ensures that the load is distributed. This soft insert goes all the way to the front, also slightly supporting the longitudinal arch. Thus, the foreleg is also protected from the hard ground. The bark is solid, holds well, and does not allow the heel to bend. The top of the shoe is wide, high, has support, and yet is soft. Even slightly chubby toes can fit in it and there is no pressure. The well-placed velcro allows for many variations in foot width and even helps to support the arch.

The Josef Seibel shoe is wine inside and out, airy and light. The sporty and elegant models satisfy all needs.